EQS Group Middle East Newsletter January 2017

EQS Group Middle East Newsletter January 2017

EQS Group Middle East wishes you a prosperous 2017

We are committed to supporting Investor Relations Officers in the Middle East with products and services to professionally manage their digital investor relations requirements. We have recently established an office in Dubai, yet have been active in the region for over a year with presence in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain through a cooperative partnership with Iridium Investor Relations (www.iridium.ae). As one of EQS Group Middle East’s first initiatives, we are introducing this bi - monthly IR newsletter for the region. The newsletter will cover key topics on investor and corporate communications related to digital IR along with our latest product offerings. We hope you find our newsletter beneficial and look forward to hearing from you.

The EQS Group, a Munich based company, is a pioneer in the field of Digital Investor Relations. The company is committed to providing products and services to fulfil clients’  domestic and international information dissemination obligations to the global investment community. Currently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, EQS Group has offices in 10 countries and employs over 300 professionals.  The company has a successful track record of digitally implementing mandatory disclosures and information demands of various stakeholders. For more information, please visit http://www.eqs.com/en/investor-relations .

Benefits of Digital Investor Relations

The IR industry has become more and more digital in the past couple of years and firms can benefit from a strong digital strategy. The Middle East region now only started to incorporate digital elements and there is significant room for improvement when it comes to more effectiveness through digital Investor Relations.

Online reports, i.e. are popular in the developed markets and witnessing rapid growth rates annually.  A digital version of report generation offer the following benefits over the printed format:

  • simplified investor data
  • greater access to stakeholders
  • save costs as the process excludes printing and posting
  • provides a uniform template for potential investors to compare and invest

Today an advanced version of Online Reports involves responsive design, SEO optimization and is available with a search option to access relevant data within a short time frame.

The Middle East region has witnessed a rise in Investor Relations activities in general as more companies are opening up to international investors and their requirements according to an official of the EQS Group. For more on the story, click on the link: https://www.irmagazine.com/articles/stock-exchanges-listings/21729/increasing-importance-ir-middle-east/#

This month's product: Online reports

We plan to focus on a specific product from our product portfolio every season. The product chosen for this season is Online Reports. The uniqueness of this product involves offering annual/quarterly and sustainable report in a digital format as opposed to the traditional print reports published by various companies in the market.

The adoption of reports in a digital format ensures maximum visibility among the investor community and can be successfully implemented within the time frame and budget of the client. A digital report is compliant with the investors requirements, offers additional functions enhance value to stakeholders and helps in optimizing the workflow.

The BMW Group Online Anual Report 2015

As an organization, the EQS Group has an extensive experience in generating interactive business reports and places great emphasis on web - optimized presentation, accurate implementation since its inception in 2000. Our client list covers more than 8000+ companies and a testimony of our report delivery capability include our client BMW Group being judged the ARC Award Grand Winner for its annual reports. To view the full report, click here: http://www.eqs.com/en/investor-relations#showNews=1576573

Since we have recently established an office in Dubai to cater to the MEA market we are currently offering digital online reports at discounted prices. You are welcome to contact us to know more about the special offer.