EQS Group Middle East Newsletter March 2017

EQS Group Middle East Newsletter March 2017

EQS Group on a global expansion mode and the launch of its new knowledge base

In the year 2016, EQS Group went on a major expansion drive globally. We expanded our business operations in London and Switzerland, opened a new hub here in Dubai and finally made our presence in the US market. It was a dream has come true, as we now have offices in the key financial markets across the globe. Click here for the complete story.

The initial months in US were exciting as we were involved in setting up our new office in the heart of New York City, building our US team, and understanding the local market. Currently we are in the phase of developing new partners, getting to know new clients, and helping IROs with our digital solutions.

Since our inception in 2000, we have been successful in imparting the state of the art technology and market expertise to our trusted clients. We wish to share our industry knowledge and this has been a motivator for launching our knowledge base - the EQS Blog. Here you can learn more about IR and the latest international digital trends, as well getting an insight of the company. The blog will keep you updated on the IR market as colleagues from our international markets share their relevant experiences and knowledge with the readers. You are welcome to visit our blog and pick the topic relevant to your interest. The link to our blog is provided here: http://blog.eqs.com.

2nd QSE Annual IR Excellence Program Awards and EQS roadshow Qatar

The Qatar Stock Exchange recently announced the winners of their IR Excellence Program at the 2nd Annual IR Excellence Program Awards ceremony held at Four Seasons Hotel on February 6th, 2017. Developed and executed by Iridium, the Investor Relations (IR) program surveyed the expert opinion of the domestic and international investment community. The program also featured a detailed ranking of corporate investor relations websites and announced the respective winners.

Mr. Rashid Bin Ali Al-Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange, expressed his satisfaction of the advanced IR levels achieved by Qatari listed companies. He said “For the second year running, we have rewarded companies and individuals that have demonstrated the highest investor relations standards in the country.”

Oliver Schutzmann, CEO of Iridium Investor Relations said: “The QSE’s IR Excellence Program is a testament to the Exchange’s commitment towards achieving quality investor relations to improve market accessibility and support the development of successful capital markets. We would like to congratulate the Qatar Stock Exchange on their commitment to this initiative and the winners for raising the bar.”

The Excellence Program was launched in 2015. The Program is globally benchmarked against best practices to ensure a transparent methodology.

EQS Group Middle East participated in the award ceremony hosted by the Qatar Stock Exchange. Later during the three - day roadshow organized by Iridium IR, we had the opportunity to visit few of the 44 listed companies present at the event. The roadshow helped us to obtain deep insights into the day to day functioning of companies and to be aware of the upcoming challenges faced by IR Managers. Compared to the previous year, we witnessed a 5% increase in the overall average indicating an improvement in the quality of investor relations in Qatar. It is therefore evident that today’s executives understand the importance of professional IR, international communication standards and transparency.

In 2016, the IR Excellence Program featured a new mobile digital tool for website rankings which enables companies to see their 2015 website ranking segmented into technology, content and service, and the areas of improvement of their 2016 score. Based on the results we gave some suggestions to improve the score consistently when it comes to comprehensive range of state of the art IR tools, i.e. Smart Chart, Quick Analyzer or Webcasts.

The overall meetings with the companies were productive and we are optimistic on their improved rankings for 2017.

This month's product: EQS COCKPIT - supporting the IR Managers to execute their daily work

Every season, we focus on a specific product from our portfolio. The product chosen for this season is the EQS COCKPIT.

A key element in every IR Manager’s communication strategy should be to provide transparent and simultaneous information to existing and potential investors. Notifications in line with the regional requirements and corporate news play a major role in communications with investors for better turnover of shares. The above two crucial components of IR communication are yet to be popular in the GCC region. Many IR managers in the Middle East, struggle to publish a news release through their press agencies and has yielded limited impact. With the introduction of our COCKPIT, we hope to change the equation.

The EQS COCKPIT is a web-based platform designed to make it easy to publish company news across the globe. The news can be targeted to a special region or industry focused - simultaneously with the click of a button. We constantly partner with media channels globally to ensure that the news gets an optimal and maximized reach. Be it financial terminals, portals, news agencies or social media channels - we have covered it all. The news are distributed across all major news agencies, business editors and your individual distribution lists. This way you can satisfy your reporting duties and achieve excellent international distribution of your corporate news.

When coordinating your news on the EQS COCKPIT you get complete control of all aspects of the process. In conjunction with our contact management and our mailing tool, the EQS COCKPIT is your central input platform for all transmissions. You can operate with a simple, user-friendly input of reports. You could upload a word document and obtain an online monitoring reports summarizing your news coverage. With this state of the art One-Stop-Shop-Solution you have a 24/7 tool available within an instant click. See more at our product movie: http://go.eqs.com/jexb

You could be one of the early adopters of this product in the GCC region! To know more on how COCKPIT eases the life of an IR Manager, you can contact us.