EQS Group Middle East Newsletter May 2017 & Ramadan Kareem

EQS Group Middle East Newsletter May 2017 & Ramadan Kareem

Successful 2016 and France expansion

We ended the 2016 financial year with a significant jump in sales and achieved a new record revenue for the seventh consecutive year. The Group achieved a 42% increase in sales, up to EUR26.06 million. EBIT before one-off acquisition costs, purchase price allocation and scheduled depreciation of acquired customer bases (non-IFRS) rose by 10% to EUR3.28 million. Adjusted net income for the year amounted to EUR1.44 million. Adjusted earnings per share were to EUR0.96.

The EQS Group AG Management and Supervisory Boards proposed a dividend payment of EUR0.75 per share at the Annual General Meeting on May 17, 2017, as they have in previous years. Achim Weick, founder and CEO of EQS Group AG explains, "2016 was another successful step on EQS Group's path to becoming the world's leading cloud provider for digital investor relations. We are constantly focused on producing cutting edge solutions for companies who are facing the challenges that the three mega trends of digitization, regulation and globalization pose. Our focus on these areas will drive us to grow profitably and create lasting value for our shareholders for many years to come." The full interactive report you’ll find here:      

Annual Report 2016

Also we are further expanding our presence in the world's most important financial markets. With the opening of its Paris subsidiary, EQS's French market entry has now been completed. Achim Weick, founder and CEO of EQS Group, explains: "We want to further strengthen our market leadership in Europe. The EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) which took effect in July 2016 is an extraordinary opportunity for us to offer our successful Cloud products across Europe."

Arab Federation of Exchanges Conference in Beirut

The Arab Federation of Exchanges (AFE) held it’s 2017 AFE Annual Conference in Beirut, Lebanon on April 26th and 27th 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel. For this year’s conference; AFE collaborated with the Beirut Stock Exchange. In the past couple of years; the AFE Annual Conference has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events, bringing together world-class Financial Markets experts from all over the world to share their knowledge, expertise and insights.

This year’s AFE Annual Conference was organized under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister of Lebanon Mr. Saad Al Hariri. The conference offered the opportunity for all stakeholders, stock exchanges, financial institutions, investment fund managers, technology providers and media to discuss key issues faced by the industry in the Gulf region and internationally.

EQS Middle East participated in this conference as it offered a platform to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience in a dynamic environment, encourage the transfer of best practices within the region and provided valuable networking opportunities. The panel discussions covered a wide range of topics specific to the region. Topics ranged from Fintech, trends in international markets, enhancing liquidity in emerging and frontier Markets and the opening of the Saudi market.

The most relevant topics relevant to our industry include:

  •  Investor Relations at international and Arab Markets are at a Crucial Point
  • Expectations in the market
  • How could new regulations would encourage SMEs Listing?

We witnessed a lot of interesting insights from both panelists and audiences. The event concluded with a gala dinner which facilitated networking opportunities for participants.

This month’s product: EQS Charts - optimizes the presentation of your share price

Every season, we focus on a specific product from our portfolio. The product chosen for this season is the EQS Chart Tool.

Charts are one of the most successful product category within the EQS Group. Each chart is developed to reflect basic share information of a company like stock identification number, share volume, total turnover etc. Investors are given the opportunity to access stock data across different time frames like daily, monthly, quarterly etc. On an intraday basis, the highest and lowest prices are reflected in the chart. Further, the charts enable the investor relations manager to identify stock trends using moving averages.

Currently, EQS offers customers two types of charts – Standard and Customized version. The price for the standardized version remains the same while the customized charts are sold at a premium. Reputed corporate firms like Deutsche Bank, Audi, Siemens are some of the active users of our charts.

On the occasion of Ramadan Kareem, EQS Group FZ-LLC is providing special offers for this month’s  product.