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eNews & Disclosures

Our financial newswire is the best way to distribute company news and fulfill disclosure obligations.


7IR Websites & Tools

Our IR Websites and IR Tools automated processes streamline workflows and present information clearly.

wCorporate Websites

Our website team are digital pioneers, creating ambitious website projects above and beyond IR. We offer the full solution spectrum from a single source.


pDigital Reports

Using all the possibilities of the internet, we have raised interactive reporting for annual and sustainability reports to new levels.


Track and automate information to make sure your compliance is following best practices.


aAudio & Video Webcasts

Our webcasts are the ideal instrument to directly, clearly and reliably communicate with investors, regardless of location.


BMarkets & Media

Our media planning boosts your capital market actions purposefully and efficiently.

»Our Customised Solutions«

Our solutions encompass a wide range of innovative products and services. We take a comprehensive, integrated approach: of course, our products and services can be used individually. But processes are optimally automated offering maximum advantage for our customers when our solutions are used together in combination with one another. We create tailor-made portfolios that take into account customers’ individual needs and meet all legal requirements.

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» What we do «

»News & Disclosures«

Take advantage of our unique worldwide financial newswire. EQS’s financial newswire provides a safe, fast and reliable distribution channel for your regulatory reporting, corporate news and press releases.

You coordinate your news on the "EQS COCKPIT”, keeping control of all aspects of the process. In conjunction with our contact management and our mailing tool, the EQS COCKPIT is your central input platform for all transmissions.

  • Optimal distribution of your news, reports and announcements
  • Convenient input of messages through Word upload
  • Central control of all disseminations and distributors in the COCKPIT

»IR Websites & Tools«

The heart of your digital IR communication is the IR website through which you maintain professional and lasting relationships with your investors. The EQS Group will guide you through all project phases, from conception through design to programming.

We not only provide the necessary know-how, but also the appropriate tools to represent share data, charts, reporting requirements and fact sheets efficient, accurately and always up to date. Or do you need to be freed up for other tasks? Then use our integrated solution and place the complete care of your IR website in our hands.

  • Automated processes save you money and resources
  • Compliance with the requirements of investors
  • Digital display of your Equity Story

»Digital Reports«

As informative, attractive and easy to read as the print version, as intelligent as the internet: the EQS interactive annual and/or sustainability report ensures that your report gets maximum attention.

Our different formats offer the best solutions for all your requirements. We have extensive experience in the creation of interactive business reports and place great value on web-optimised presentation and accurate implementation for your time frame and budget.

  • Compliance with your investors’ requirements
  • Numerous additional functions with high added value for stakeholders
  • Optimising your workflow

»Corporate Websites«

Your company’s corporate website is your digital business card. With it, you address not only your investors but all other target groups,  from employees and customers to business partners and job applicants.

The internet is the ideal platform to inspire your stakeholders with impressive and vivid stories about your business and the people in your company.

Our inhouse digital agency 3q5 taps into your full potential on the internet, guiding you from concept development to your website’s going live and beyond.

  • Multi-stakeholder concept from a single source
  • Conceptual expertise in the B2B sector
  • Use of the most modern technologies

»Audio & Video Webcasts«

Transparent and simultaneous communications with all stakeholders are an essential element of successful Investor Relations. Video and/or audio transmission of shareholders' meetings, press conferences and investor conferences plays a critical role in the publication of quarterly and annual figures.

Webcasts are the ideal instrument in directly communicating with investors and capital market experts without losing the advantages of an illustrative presentation. We manage the details, implementation and management of your webcast so you can fully concentrate on the content.

  • Mobile Streaming extends the reach of your events
  • Available anytime: permanent source of information on your site
  • Also suitable for internal training

» Compliance «

Compliance requires a commitment to process-monitoring and detail,and no company wants to be caught on the defense in a critical moment. 

Internal “best practices” are constantly changing due to regulations created to increase transparency and oversight. EQS Group takes Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) seriously, and our INSIDER MANAGER helps companies track critical information to make sure their Compliance activities remain proactive, and demonstrate a commitment to “Best Practice” before a potential crisis strikes. 

From navigating the recent New York State 2017 Cyber Security regulation, to MAR, PRIIP, or MiFID II in Europe, the EQS INSIDER MANAGER helps you track insiders, create easily-managed and exported activity logs, and be prepared for any request from regulatory bodies for years to come.

  • Over 500 publicly-listed companies use our INSIDER MANAGER
  • Track all access to material, non-public information within your company and any third-party service providers
  • Easily save user lists and notify individuals of necessary compliance protocols with automated feedback loops, pre-made templates, and CRM integration